Fetching good times at The Broadmoor

Have you ever seen a laid-back bird dog? Maybe my past years raising – and chasing – these rambunctious breeds through neighborhoods, fields and the rooms of our house have clouded my perspective.

But it explains my surprise to see one sitting patiently in the passenger seat of a golf cart alongside The Broadmoor resort’s lake as he awaited his master’s return. And there were swans within a stick’s fetch away from him.

“Is he blind?” I thought. “Arthritic?” No. It’s just the way Ruger, as identified by the brass nametag hanging from his collar, rolls. He’s another member of The Broadmoor staff, his colleague and driver of the golf cart revealed.

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Friendly and unexpected are how I would describe my weekend at this Colorado Springs gem tucked beneath the Cheyenne Mountain range. What’s ironic is that it serves double duty as the perfect place for a romantic getaway and an ideal setting for bringing families together.

During our stay we played tennis, hit the driving range of the resort’s manicured greens and fedbiscuits to giraffes at a nearby zoo. We also dined and danced to a three-piece band and singer’s coaxing voice reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald, and sang along with the barroom crowd surrounding a piano player at an English-style tavern. Whatever your interest, the variety of dining options and activities appeals to all types.

Just like man’s best friend, The Broadmoor offers loyal, friendly service and the unconditional love that makes even the most posh of surroundings feel like home.

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